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Before the whole tracksuit trend came along, I was always against wearing it as a daily assemble.. After all the famous brands turned it into something new and all the sports brands like adidas, Nike and Fila made it somewhat fashionable, I gave it a try.

This one is from Zalando, I already have the normal Original red tracksuit with 3 white stripes but this one had the black strip with the adidas logo. I already wore this one to work twice! I turned it into my daily assemble as well..

I would recommend this tracksuit!

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Craig Green x Bjorn Borg

Released today: Craig Green x Björn Borg capsule collection

Announced at the Fashion Week Stockholm in February, the Craig Green x Björn Borg collection has already enjoyed ovations from fashionistas all over the world. The much-awaited capsule is now available exclusively through fifteen premium retailers and bjornborg.com


Award-winning British fashion designer Craig Green is on everybody¹s lips, today one of Britain¹s most lauded menswear designers. Known for his Asian inspired clean designs, Green tributes tennis icon Björn Borg and his heritage through this limited edition collection, also marking his debut in designing a full sportswear collection.

Comments Craig Green:

“The Craig Green x Björn Borg Collection marries my conceptual fascination with light and shadow, with the utilitarian beauty of Björn Borg’s heritage. The idea is to have a multifunctional garment for both men and women that is not really gender-specific. Functional components become a distinct design feature, and a bold logo is replaced by a single circle – a development of the whole motif I often explore”. 

The Craig Green x Björn Borg capsule collection incorporates eighteen unique sportswear pieces, of which five are performance sport. The monochrome collection, entirely in black and cream white, is sold exclusively at selected retailers such as Opening Ceremony in New York, Wild Style LA, Storm in Copenhagen, Yme Studios in Oslo, Temporary Showroom in Berlin and Selfridges in London, as well as globally through bjornborg.com. Prices range between €30-450.

Green’s work, whilst originally designed as menswear, is noted for its unisex and gender neutral qualities. Green won the British Fashion Award for Emerging Menswear Designer in 2014 and he is a favourite among Rihanna and Drake.


For further information and images:

Björn Borg pressroom: http://www.bjornborg.com/press

Shop: http://www.bjornborg.com/new/craig-green-x-bjorn-borg

Craig Green: http://craig-green.com/

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I a proud to announce a really cool brand from Copenhagen, SAND!

SAND Copenhagen has a really lovely twist of a Minimal and Classic style. Both things are very common in my own personal style and are shown in my daily life constantly! Both items that I am wearing are both of almost only Wool fabric. The day that I shot this outfit.. It was almost -3 degrees outside. I didn’t even feel it!

These items are a must for the winter time. It warms you up because of the Wool fabric it has, ain’t that great!!?

Because of the warmth in this outfit and this weather I paired it up with my favorite Dr.martens in my closet.

I recommend all these items from SAND, and definetely take a look at there website, worth your time!

These items that I was sent to are from there other collection, ‘THE LAB”.

Take a look at there brands, love them way too much!


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Metallic winner



As you may know, I have been nominated for rising style icon this year!

It was really funny to me because I was at the awards last year, so interested in the people who were nominated and the whole event. So for me to be nominated this year was really awesome! My picture was up on a really big screen. You had allot of other creative people who were nominated as well! I did not win but the one who one deserved it as well!

Before this event I was stressing about my outfit ofcourse! I did not know what to wear to a opportunity like this..

Because I did not know what to wear I contacted my rescuer, ASOS!

It is so cool from ASOS to sponsor me for this event!

This metallic suit got me allot of compliments that night! I have never had so many people come towards me just to give me compliments on my outfit!


Get all of the items down below:

Metallic suitHERE


Wool CoatHERE

Can’t wai to show you what’s next!



Sheldon style

frsh-filter1 collage

When a good collaboration gives you the 90’s feel.

Both these items are from Pepe Jeans London. I always wanted to style a simple outfit like this and make it a more 90’s picture through my photography style.

These jeans are the best, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable! Get these ones here. HERE

I never style something so simple, I usually go all out but for once, a little bit of simplicity can be good and it has its own style as well!

Find this T shirt HERE!

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I have always wanted a denim jacket this color, but ofcourse I was always scared to rock this color.. It has always been a problem with me!

Hannah Jinkins made me think differently! This jacket that she created is more than words can say!

The texture, the idea, the color, the fit, everything about it is new and inspiring to see! I myself would have never thought of staples in clothing, yet it’s one of the best ideas I have seen this year!

I will be back this week with another item from her heavenly collection, stay tuned!

Props to Hannah!