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The days are getting colder you guys!!




So, These glasses are life.

I started a collaboration with Hans Anders to style these beauties of the new collection of Humberto Tan who is a Radio and TV Presentator. Pretty cool right!?

The Blue glow in the glasses are a new touch for people who work in business sitting behind their desk the whole day. It protects your eye’s from gaining the chance to having cancer through screen beaming by laptops and same sorts of electronics.

I personally love that they added that blue glow for my eyes, its a very important character for my new glasses. You can get the whole collection in every Hans Anders store.

Trust me, the collection it pretty good!

How about we talk about this Adidas coat for a sec huh!

I work at a vintage store Episode in the weekends and when delivery came, we got these vintage rain bombers.. from ADIDAS. Die – ing.

Let me know what you think!

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