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Knowing your whole life what the temperature is here in Holland, you should be prepared for every single day of the week. Lately there has been so much confusion in my wardrobe of what and what not to wear because the other day it gives you a glimpse of summer and then the next day your going outside with a mindset that it is going to be just like yesterday, but then when your on your way to where ever you need to be, it storms/snows/rains and shit..

I’m there thinking to myself, what the fudge, what should I do with myself..

The weather in Holland around this time of the year is usually good for a lightweight jacket, but lately, I REALLY do not know what’s u anymore, go outside with your jean jacket but have your fur jacket prepared in your bag! haha

..And that’s why I’m showing you this awesome Fur ball by the one and only D brand official. this brand always brings key pieces to their collections just like that.. BRAP. I am starting to fall in love with this brand because of the individuality it has! also this color is just to die for, i kept looking at the jacket once I had it. It is a little bit on the short side but whatevs right!?

Also, uhm hello! how great are these slide ons from United Nude, I adore them! I have never worn slide ons because I thought they were just too simple for me ( not to be a bitch ) I have never looked twice at a pair.. except for these ones!

These ones are good for every season, are very minimal ( very good add to my wardrobe ) and White! haha Something I love.

I’ll be back soon with allot more waiting to be showing you guys!


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