FDFA land

Fashion Design Festival Arnhem (FDFA), will kick off this year with the ArtEZ graduation shows and the opening of Sonsbeek 2016. A month Arnhem celebrates its creativity with exhibitions, events, shows, performances, lectures and workshops.


Fashion has been associated with the famous fashion Department of ArtEZ Arnhem for a long time now. That has even more in her pocket is reflected during all the different events during F. Design and fashion are strongly linked to all cultural expressions that take place during the festival in the capital. Modern ballet as an Intro and the circus theatre of Cirque de la Liberté in performances like no other. See how fashion can blend in with other art forms!

Arnhem is in the top three of Dutch cities when it comes to employment in the creative sector. The fashion Department of ArtEZ plays a major role for more than sixty years in developing talent in Arnhem. Also the MBO Rhine IJssel has been training hard to fashion the way with their studio Ryn in which is produced for fashion designers.

In and around Arnhem are many fashion, industrial and graphic designers. Humanoid, Jones, Arnhem Coming Soon and the many small shops in the Chicago fashion district also bring for shoppers the creativity of Arnhem. I didn’t even know that.

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