– Les meilleurs Spectacles –





Let’s start talking about these sunglasses.

I am so in love with Polette they have the coolest frames. I first thought that they we’re just frames and sunglasses. The fun thing is, you can get the glasses you want with you perscription. Also, you can choose your glass color!! FREAKING DOPE, I say. I was missing sunglasses for this summer, I was on the hunt for some vintage ones.

Fact: These ones make me feel like a Chanel version of Ozzy Osborne

I am wearing this cool sweater that I got from Zara by just hopping into Zara with the intention to just look what the new collection looks like.

Then again, I leave with 3 items, including this sweater, I could not leave this sweater behind. It’s the absolute most!

                                                                                 BTW: First time trying fishnet stocking, SO random but yet so cool!                                                                                            Unfortunately the sweater is not for sale online in the webshop, I think it’s a in-store exclusive item. Hope not!

Get your fave Polette pairs HERE

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