Where I get my Inspiration from.









I get allot of questions lately from almost everybody with the question ( Where do you get your inspiration from? ) I awnser almost everytime that I just don’t know where I get it from but I Do know what inspires me the most!

Back when I started blogging, I was very interested in everything Scandinavian, Designers, bloggers, Interior etc.. I kinda let that go and was looking into something new! I lately get my inspiration from a Instagram account named: @C__L__O. On this Instagram page, you get pictures of every creative editorial that creative stylists do with the most creative brands like Miu Miu, Vetements, Off-White and brands like J.W. Anderson, Paul smith and much much more!!

Because of this account, I came across the brands: Vetements. Off-Wite and J.W. Anderson. Now, I get my inspiration in clothing from these 3 brands!

The 3 brands are very creative in what they do. The most important thing about them is that they don’t bring old school fashion back and give it a different twist ( what every brand does lately ). These brands create something new, which I like very much!

Ofcourse, Old School fashion with a different and good twist to it can be fantastic, but it’s getting a little bit old to me! #sorrynotsorry

The inspiration that I got with this outfit came from VETEMENTS! Love Love Love them!



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