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Metallic winner



As you may know, I have been nominated for rising style icon this year!

It was really funny to me because I was at the awards last year, so interested in the people who were nominated and the whole event. So for me to be nominated this year was really awesome! My picture was up on a really big screen. You had allot of other creative people who were nominated as well! I did not win but the one who one deserved it as well!

Before this event I was stressing about my outfit ofcourse! I did not know what to wear to a opportunity like this..

Because I did not know what to wear I contacted my rescuer, ASOS!

It is so cool from ASOS to sponsor me for this event!

This metallic suit got me allot of compliments that night! I have never had so many people come towards me just to give me compliments on my outfit!


Get all of the items down below:

Metallic suitHERE


Wool CoatHERE

Can’t wai to show you what’s next!


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