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I a proud to announce a really cool brand from Copenhagen, SAND!

SAND Copenhagen has a really lovely twist of a Minimal and Classic style. Both things are very common in my own personal style and are shown in my daily life constantly! Both items that I am wearing are both of almost only Wool fabric. The day that I shot this outfit.. It was almost -3 degrees outside. I didn’t even feel it!

These items are a must for the winter time. It warms you up because of the Wool fabric it has, ain’t that great!!?

Because of the warmth in this outfit and this weather I paired it up with my favorite Dr.martens in my closet.

I recommend all these items from SAND, and definetely take a look at there website, worth your time!

These items that I was sent to are from there other collection, ‘THE LAB”.

Take a look at there brands, love them way too much!


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