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Where I get my Inspiration from.









I get allot of questions lately from almost everybody with the question ( Where do you get your inspiration from? ) I awnser almost everytime that I just don’t know where I get it from but I Do know what inspires me the most!

Back when I started blogging, I was very interested in everything Scandinavian, Designers, bloggers, Interior etc.. I kinda let that go and was looking into something new! I lately get my inspiration from a Instagram account named: @C__L__O. On this Instagram page, you get pictures of every creative editorial that creative stylists do with the most creative brands like Miu Miu, Vetements, Off-White and brands like J.W. Anderson, Paul smith and much much more!!

Because of this account, I came across the brands: Vetements. Off-Wite and J.W. Anderson. Now, I get my inspiration in clothing from these 3 brands!

The 3 brands are very creative in what they do. The most important thing about them is that they don’t bring old school fashion back and give it a different twist ( what every brand does lately ). These brands create something new, which I like very much!

Ofcourse, Old School fashion with a different and good twist to it can be fantastic, but it’s getting a little bit old to me! #sorrynotsorry

The inspiration that I got with this outfit came from VETEMENTS! Love Love Love them!




– Les meilleurs Spectacles –





Let’s start talking about these sunglasses.

I am so in love with Polette they have the coolest frames. I first thought that they we’re just frames and sunglasses. The fun thing is, you can get the glasses you want with you perscription. Also, you can choose your glass color!! FREAKING DOPE, I say. I was missing sunglasses for this summer, I was on the hunt for some vintage ones.

Fact: These ones make me feel like a Chanel version of Ozzy Osborne

I am wearing this cool sweater that I got from Zara by just hopping into Zara with the intention to just look what the new collection looks like.

Then again, I leave with 3 items, including this sweater, I could not leave this sweater behind. It’s the absolute most!

                                                                                 BTW: First time trying fishnet stocking, SO random but yet so cool!                                                                                            Unfortunately the sweater is not for sale online in the webshop, I think it’s a in-store exclusive item. Hope not!

Get your fave Polette pairs HERE

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‘London at its finest’






I keep asking myself why I all of the sudden started to like the color Pink. My thoughts on pink weren’t quit that positive a while ago.

It’s because of the movie Clueless I think. I’ve been watching that movie way too much. previously this weekend I went to London to go and do some shoots with my good good friend and amazing photographer Rachel Ecclestone from Urban Traveller. The girl is really talented in what she does, and we both have the same thoughts on style and the way of photography.

We had allot of fun in London, I actually want to live there once im ready for living on my own! The people in London are way to nice!


In London you have this cute neighbourhood called Notting Hill, the street is filled with houses in different pastel colors!

I came across this pink one! I can not imagine living there! Would be a dream!

It’s really funny because when Rachel and I were going to Notting Hill I was not planning on finding a Pink house! It just blended together correctly!


Cullotes : ZARA

Sweater: Selfmade

Sunglasses: Stella Mccartney

Socks: COS

Shoes: Dr. Martens





These glasses are finally the ones I have been waiting for, for a while now! I wanted to get these from RayBan but they were only available in sunglasses form, I actually got the chance to replace them with my glasses. GOD BLESS Hans Anders!

But then I saw these beauties in BRONZE!! I loved loved loved them so much! I have to say that I have to get used to this very much but I am already starting tho.

I am going on vacation for my blog in 2 days so you will see allot more about that soon! I am going to unknown little village in Greece, it’s called Lefkas! Together with my blogger babe and sister Larissa Bruin we are going to make some beautiful content! I haven’t been to another country besides Morocco – in a while now! SO I’m pumped for this!

Catch me later!






I know.. I have been away for a long time.

I forgot my password to WordPress and couldn’t even get it contact with the help desk of WordPress. Apparently they don.’t have one..OK

But here I am blessing you laptop or phone screen with this post. I am literally really confused. These pictures were taken somewhere in March. Now that we are in July it’s the worst weather ever, even worse then Winter. The sun needs to come back because I switched my mode into summer already but the weather isn’t helping that much.

I got this long dress from Zalando which is just a long length shirt for me! Which I totally love. it’s from Van Laack, the brand is still a bit unknown.. I couldn’t even find them on Instagram!

I adore these pants from Weekday, they fit with almost every light color but also allot of darker colors! I would love to see these pants on lighter colors tho.. I have tried it with darker colors but it didn’t work out for me.

And yes the sneakers are from Versace. They are so bomb, they also fit really nicely. Normally I do not like the Versace lion head on their sneakers. It’s really bold and out there, and always Gold!      I am more of a Silver person. That’s why I went for these sneakers!

Let me know what you guys think!