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I have always wanted a denim jacket this color, but ofcourse I was always scared to rock this color.. It has always been a problem with me!

Hannah Jinkins made me think differently! This jacket that she created is more than words can say!

The texture, the idea, the color, the fit, everything about it is new and inspiring to see! I myself would have never thought of staples in clothing, yet it’s one of the best ideas I have seen this year!

I will be back this week with another item from her heavenly collection, stay tuned!

Props to Hannah!

fashion inspiration





This winter means Pastel for me,  I know! I know! I am obsessed with pastel, I – KNOW.

Because of my minimals style, I think pastel is one of the best colour pallets that should be used to style your outfit with. Also, to make it more minimals//sporty.. a somewhat darker pallet to mix the pastels with is a pretty good idea. mixing neutrals with pastels defines a clean sporty unicorn. :)

Favo Colors of this season for me are: