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‘London at its finest’






I keep asking myself why I all of the sudden started to like the color Pink. My thoughts on pink weren’t quit that positive a while ago.

It’s because of the movie Clueless I think. I’ve been watching that movie way too much. previously this weekend I went to London to go and do some shoots with my good good friend and amazing photographer Rachel Ecclestone from Urban Traveller. The girl is really talented in what she does, and we both have the same thoughts on style and the way of photography.

We had allot of fun in London, I actually want to live there once im ready for living on my own! The people in London are way to nice!


In London you have this cute neighbourhood called Notting Hill, the street is filled with houses in different pastel colors!

I came across this pink one! I can not imagine living there! Would be a dream!

It’s really funny because when Rachel and I were going to Notting Hill I was not planning on finding a Pink house! It just blended together correctly!


Cullotes : ZARA

Sweater: Selfmade

Sunglasses: Stella Mccartney

Socks: COS

Shoes: Dr. Martens





These glasses are finally the ones I have been waiting for, for a while now! I wanted to get these from RayBan but they were only available in sunglasses form, I actually got the chance to replace them with my glasses. GOD BLESS Hans Anders!

But then I saw these beauties in BRONZE!! I loved loved loved them so much! I have to say that I have to get used to this very much but I am already starting tho.

I am going on vacation for my blog in 2 days so you will see allot more about that soon! I am going to unknown little village in Greece, it’s called Lefkas! Together with my blogger babe and sister Larissa Bruin we are going to make some beautiful content! I haven’t been to another country besides Morocco – in a while now! SO I’m pumped for this!

Catch me later!

fashion lifestyle





it is time for some spring items to egt out of your closet! Especially white sneakers!

I own allot of white sneakers but these HUB’s are great, they are really comfy and have there own touch of style. You can style these in different kinds of ways because this sneaker is really street style but you can also dress it up!

I am normally a low top kinda guy but since these aren’t that high I have tried them out and I quit like them! I know im gonna rock these at the upcoming festivals this Spring/Summer!

Let me know what you guys think!


fashion lifestyle


2015_S&S_The SoT_AMS_05-34

To all travelers, treasure hunters and story collectors, Amsterdam fashion brand Scotch & Soda launches Part 2 of the brand film series ‘The Story of Things’ on the 5th of November 2015.

Through the eyes of Lola and Oscar, ‘The Story of Things’ illustrates the brand’s lust for exploring the world, the beauty of seeing things differently, and the belief that traveling is more than the seeing of sights and that collecting is more than putting things on a shelf.

‘The Story of Things’ captures the Scotch & Soda spirit of bringing together culture and craftsmanship.

The latest chapter of ‘The Story of Things’ follows the Eastern adventures of Oscar, as experienced through hand-written correspondence with his sister Lola. From the backdrop of the Amsterdam apartment, wide-eyed Lola grows up with tales of her brother’s Oscar who is a true adventure rand explorer. We watch as Lola reads Oscar’s letters opens trinket-filled parcels and we observe the apartment slowly filling with objects from around the world.

For a limited number of weeks this autumn, Lola’s apartment will become available for all to live in. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Lola has left her apartment for guests to use as they visit this beautiful culturally rich city.

Live like Lola in the exciting heart of Amsterdam.

Be surrounded by treasures sent by her brother Oscar, collected in the enchanting East.

Through Airbnb, Lola’s apartment is available to rent, while her Scotch & Soda wardrobe will be customised to each guest, so they too can wear the latest collection.

Book your Lola experience HERE




The new MINI Clubman picks up the glove on in the C-segment. The new model is more practical, bigger and more comfortable. The new MINI Clubman has 6 doors: 4 doors and the characteristic double rear doors. The Interior is spacious, functional and still has its individual style. Also, the MINI Clubman retain its unique character as well as the high quality. The new MINI Clubman is from 31 October at the MINI dealer. The MINI Clubman is a modern interpretation of the genuine British shooting brake concept. A model concept that has not been screened in the premium compact segment. The design is authentic and powerful, including by Air Curtain air intakes at the wheel arches. The flanks with the two doors on either side eyes tough by the accented ‘ shoulders ‘ which accentuate the width of the bodywork. Other features are the long roof line and a vinvormige roof antenna with a red indicator light for the alarm system. Also characteristic is the straight back with the double doors and integrated horizontal light units. For the MINI Clubman, there are two new paint colors: Melting Silver metallic and sheer Burgundy metallic.